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Personalized Investment Planning

At Walsh Financial Services, we offer everyone a consultation with no cost or obligation because we value your time and hard-earned money, whether we choose to work together or not. During this time, we’ll get to know one another before deciding to move forward in the financial planning process.

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Step 1: Initial Contact

Our first consultation is a phone conversation to establish common ground between your circumstances and our services. If we mutually agree that we can help you meet your goals, we will schedule the discovery meeting.

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Step 2: Discovery Meeting

We devote a 45-minute in-person visit to a preliminary conversation to review your current financial condition and well-being. This consultation is always at no charge to you because we think it’s crucial to determine whether your needs and resources align with our management strategy and philosophy. Once we confirm compatibility, we can initiate the process of devising recommendations for your financial success.

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Step 3: Action Plan Meeting

Our planners will review your financial situation and goals and use that information to create a customized investment plan for you. At the action plan meeting, we will share our initial recommendations and answer your questions before proceeding to implementation.

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Step 4: Plan Monitoring

Once we get started, we will stay in regular contact to ensure that the plan stays on track toward your desired outcomes. We will continually monitor your financial situation and evaluate the performance of your investments. When appropriate, we will suggest course changes to improve your success in navigating an evolving market and economy. 

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Walsh Financial Services offers a comprehensive array of planning services. We want to be a one-stop provider for your financial planning needs.

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Our approach is personal. We strive to develop strong alliances with our clients so we can better support your goals and objectives.

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